Gabriel Benmergui

Product Engineer. Rails, Node and React. Startup enthusiast, experienced Go player and Economics buff.
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Product Engineer at CircleMedical

Design, implement and manage the core software products in the company.

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Responsibilities and Achievements

Effective Product Communication

Daily interviews, weekly office hours, announcements, in-person and virtual communication channels. Whatever it took to get the obsessional understanding of what the users needed to know what is important to build next.

Small Budgets - Big Results

Being able to produce a working, reliable and trusting solution for providers and patients cost-effectively means knowing what to build and what can be built. I achieved measurable targets of productivity, efficienty and quality.

Market Expertise

The healthcare market looks insormountable complicated for an outsider. I become an insider to be able to communicate and understand effectively with internal and external stakeholders, from patients to doctors, from staff to investors.

This includes education like Healthcare Innovation and Economics of Healthcare

Founder of Reva, Real Estate Appraisals (2017)

From Ideation to Implementation, created the most sophisticated and UX friendly appraisal service for Buenos Aires

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Responsibilities and Achievements

User Testing and Interviewing

Met in person with professionals, amateurs, home owners and home buyers to learn and guide product design

Full Stack in Node.js

The entire site is built with express/node.js with server rendering React

YCombinator Founders Track

Graduated from the online program with an advisor and other startups reviewing our business model, and our daily challenges

Frontend Engineer at Scribd (2013-2017)

Team of 4~5 handling all the pages from an Alexa #500 Consumer website


Implemented fully on React to account for a high set of interactive content.

Performance Analysis

Set up a framework to analyze and diagnose problems visualized with graphite, taking loading time from 2s page loads to 300ms.

Durden are they the same?

A tool to do image matching with major pages on the site built with pdiff. Served quality controll to see unexpected changes in the UI.


Another internal tool for quality: it would allow to make pixel-perfect implementations of UI specs by allowing to do spec-image to page matching.


Advocated and worked through Comics inclusion into the product, including a Hackathon, and some kickass landing pages!

Library, Homepage,Profiles, Landing pages and more

Implementend many core pages with long-term sustainability, cross-functional teams and long term maintenance.


Become an important part of the Interviewing process, going over hundreds of applicants resumes, interviews and on-site examinations.

Founder of, an Online Go Server (2011-2012)

As an experienced Go Player, I created the first html Go Server in 2010 (now defunct)

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Responsibilities and Achievements

Original Crowdsourcing

Kickstarter was new back then. And as a foreigner couldn't use it anyway. So we built our own and raised more than 10,000U$S

Weekly version updates with daily releases

We moved fast and broke things faster with engaging and ambitious weekly releases that brought joy every Friday afternoon.

Websockets before Websockets was a pioneer in html5 usecases, with falling into polling and having to optimize broadcasting for the network challenges of the time.